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Restaurant Pagers, Healthcare Pagers,
Church Nursery Pagers, and Smart Wireless Paging Systems for Every Need

You can count on HME Wireless for the most complete and reliable wireless paging systems to improve your business efficiency and customer service. In fact, many businesses worldwide are using our wireless paging systems (such as our popular restaurant, healthcare and nursery pagers) to increase sales, productivity and customer satisfaction:

Most Comprehensive Line of Restaurant Pagers and Wireless Paging Systems

We have the most comprehensive line of wireless paging systems on the market, and provide on-site messaging solutions to businesses from diverse industries, such as restaurant pagers, guest paging systems, server pagers, retail push button or staff paging systems, medical paging systems, and church nursery pager systems — just to name a few. Even within each industry, our many wireless paging systems allow you to choose the application that best meets your needs, goals and budget.

Most Extensive Line of Medical Pagers

HME Wireless offers the broadest array of medical pagers and paging systems on the market today. Hospitals, small medical groups, individual doctor's offices, and pharmacies worldwide depend on our innovative paging systems to improve communication, increase efficiency and improve patient satisfaction. Our staff paging, patient and family paging and guest paging systems promote better healthcare, and better outcomes.

Diverse Pager Models to Choose From

HME Wireless offers a diverse selection of reliable retail, pharmaceutical and restaurant pagers to mix and match within each paging system. Choose from an assortment of rechargeable pager models of various shapes, sizes and functions, such as alpha pagers, numeric pagers, coaster pagers, restaurant pagers, CrystalCall™ pagers, and many more!

Quality Products for High Performance

Superior value and performance are the cornerstone of our products. That's why HME Wireless' paging systems are made from durable, high-quality products to provide you with maximum reliability and performance. From our hospital paging line to our restaurant pagers, our technical support team is always available to help you get the most out of your paging system.

Flexible Expansion and Integration for Restaurants

Our wireless paging systems are designed so you can easily add more pagers if needed or try different types of restaurant pagers for best results. Additionally, many of our restaurant pagers can integrate with table management solutions to provide more synergy and higher-level insight into your operations.