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HME Wireless Server Paging Systems

  • Waiters are instantly paged when food is ready for pick up while it's still hot and fresh.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction by allowing servers to spend more time with guests.
  • Unique "auto recall" feature automatically pages up to three times; if unanswered the manager is paged to provide assistance.
  • The "All-Page" button allows managers to send a message to the entire staff.
  • Made to withstand the harsh restaurant environment.
  • Unique system ID prevents interference with other neighbouring paging systems.
  • Affordable options for any budget.

Restaurant Server Paging Systems to Manage Wait Staff

ServerCall® lets your kitchen notify servers the instant food is ready to be picked up. Server paging systems allow wait staff to spend more quality time with customers, increasing sales.

Restaurant Server Paging Systems to Manage Cook Staff

Restaurant paging systems like ServerCall put cooks in constant communication with wait staff. Ensures that food orders go out fast, hot and fresh, and customers stay satisfied.

Restaurant Server Paging Systems to Communicate with Management

HME Wireless' on-site paging solutions for restaurants help management stay in constant communication with servers and cook staff. Customers are served more efficiently, and problems addressed quickly and discreetly.