Restaurant App Suite

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Excellent waitlist management and guest paging system. Works with any HME Wireless guest pagers.


Allows kitchen staff to page servers when food is ready. Increases sales by providing more time with guests.

Push Button

Allows you to page staff or managers with important updates. Can add up to 9 customizable buttons.


Innovative table management system sends instant updates of table statuses. Integrates with GuestCall.

Restaurant Paging App Suite

Guest, server, and table management in one easy-to-use paging app suite.

Restaurant Paging Systems Redefined: Introducing Restaurant Paging Apps for iOS and Android Devices

HME Wireless restaurant paging systems have improved customer satisfaction and increased server efficiency for thousands of restaurants across the world. And with today's advancing technology, the new Restaurant Paging App Suite from HME Wireless is on the cutting edge of restaurant and server paging to help build your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

The innovative new Restaurant Paging App Suite includes four apps created for effective customer and server paging and table management: GuestCall, Push Button, ServerCall, and TableScout. Download the whole Restaurant Paging App Suite or download only the apps you need.

The apps can run on a single transmitter connected to your local network and can page both HME Wireless pagers or a cell phone for easy integration and customizability for your restaurant.

GuestCall App

Restaurant Paging App Made to Streamline Your Guests' Experience

A complete wait-list management system, HME's guest paging app allows staff a comprehensive look at the restaurant's operations. Keep track of guest wait times, page waiting guests, and receive updated table statuses in one simple application to keep your restaurant running smoothly. Works with any HME Wireless guest pagers or a customer's cell phone for a seamless integration. Combine with HME's TableScout app for even better table management.

GuestCall App

ServerCall App

Keep Your Staff in Constant Communication with the Server Paging App

HME's server paging app, ServerCall, keeps servers, chefs and managers in constant communication. Page individual staff members to the kitchen when their food is ready or send out a group page notifying staff of shift meetings or menu changes. ServerCall improves server efficiency, allowing them more time with their guests and increasing sales. Use with HME Wireless server pagers or notify staff on their cell phones.

ServerCall App

Push Button Paging App

Paging at the Touch of a Button

An innovative new paging system, HME's Push Button paging app allows you to page staff or managers with important updates to keep your restaurant running smoothly. Push Button's totally customizable interface allows users to select from 1-9 buttons and change button labels and messages at any time. Send a page to any HME Wireless pager or page a cell phone with the innovative SMS application.

Push Button Paging App

TableScout App

Table Management Streamed Right From Your Mobile Device

HME's TableScout app is the ultimate table management app. Allowing staff to update table statuses instantly, the hosts are constantly notified of open tables or tables needing to be bused from the restaurant floor. Clearing tables quickly and seating guests immediately will improve customer satisfaction, restaurant efficiency, and sales. TableScout integrates seamlessly with HME's GuestCall waitlist management system, allowing for a complete look into your restaurant's operations.

TableScout App

Restaurant Paging App Suite

The Ultimate in Restaurant Paging

The only apps you'll ever need for your restaurant. The Restaurant Paging App Suite from HME Wireless controls guest, server, and table management systems with four easy-to-use apps. The suite works with all HME Wireless pagers for seamless integration with your current system. Get them all or pick what works best for you. With the Restaurant Paging App Suite you can run your restaurant more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

Restaurant Paging App Suite